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Flawless Skin Bundle

Liposomal Altrient C + Liposomal Glutathione

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Flawless Skin Personality

Get better prevention against damaged skin with the Flawless Skin Bundle including two of the best Altrient products: Liposomal Altrient C and Liposomal Glutathione.

These nutrients work in synergy and have been paired up for people that are prone to pigmentation and require superior cellular protection. These Flawless liposomal skin nutrients get to work by helping replenish your skin with antioxidants ready to fight free radicals associated with UV rays, pollutants and toxins.

Liposomal Vitamin C exerts a vital role in the skin by contributing to collagen production and reducing oxidative stress for an illuminating natural glow.

Vitamin C:

  • Has cellular defence credentials to readily neutralise free radicalsA flawless skin tone is championed by a strong collagen matrix and liposomal vitamin C is key for collagen production and protection.
  • Is used by dermatologists to help reduce skin pigmentation and ageing by helping your skin produce more collagen.
  • Interrupts the over-production of melanin by slowing down the activity of tyrosinase, a key enzyme in melanin synthesis. 
  • Protects skin cells from oxidative stress by neutralising potentially harmful free radicals and ROS generated by penetrating UV.

Liposomal Glutathione is a well-known master antioxidant nutrient that works tirelessly to help minimise the action of free radicals in the skin cells and studies show that glutathione may help reduce pigmentation and promote skin elasticity.


  • Is a powerful antioxidant which plays a key role in protecting skin cells from the harmful impact of free radical damage. As you grow older your body is less able to make sufficient glutathione.
  • Slows down enzymes that produce melanin and stimulates melanocytes to make pheomelanin (light brown) instead of eumelanin (dark brown).
  • Studies show taking glutathione for four to 12 weeks may significantly improve skin UV pigment spots compared to placebo groups.
  • Research shows glutathione may help slow the progression of wrinkles by influencing skin elasticity, in sun-exposed and sun-protected skin.

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  • Choose the Flawless Skin Bundle

    If your skin is:

    • Sensitive
    • Light or fair
    • More mature
    • Hyperpigmented
    • Has liver or age spots
    • Has freckles and moles
    • Sunburns quickly
    • Suntans quickly
  • Daily Flawless Protocol:

    Morning: Take 1 sachet of Altrient C

    1000mg highly absorbable liposomal vitamin C, clinically tested to deliver illuminating results.

    Evening: Take 1 sachet of Altrient Glutathione

    450mg glutathione as Setria, a patented highly absorbable form of glutathione.

  • Pioneers in Liposomals

    Altrient uses a patented liposomal delivery method, which encapsulates and carries vitamins directly into the cells, avoiding the destructive elements of the digestive system. Highly absorbable, using clinically tested formulas, ensuring maximised nutrient absorption. Altrient is the most effective option for ensuring your body has adequate nutrient levels. 


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    • Wheat
    • Gluten
    • Yeast
    • Dairy
    • Meat products
    • Hexane
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    • Artificial colours
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